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Color Contour Dark Tanning Lotion

Color Contour Dark Tanning Lotion

  • Fragrance: Golden Hour
  • Glow Boosting Leg Tint
  • Vegan Collagen
  • Helps to Mask Imperfections
  • Contouring & Blurring
  • Multi-Use Formula
  • Color Balancing Mel[o]stem
  • Skin Energizing Caffeine & Guarana Extracts
  • Super Slimming Technologies
  • Targeted Anti-Aging & Firming
  • Hair Re-growth Inhibitors
  • Hydration Improving Formula


  • Airbrush Luminizing Leg Tint & Tanner – This revolutionary leg tan enhancer is formulated to tan, tone and tighten the legs while also providing a tinted, airbrush filtered luminous glow.
  • BB Crème Formula – Will hydrate the skin and mask imperfections while leaving an airbrushed, flawless result.
  • Flavoslim - Counteracts the signs of cellulite by improving skin elasticity, while also tightening & toning.
  • Forslean – A plant derived compound that helps to break down fat deposits.
  • Electric Daisy – Allows for a tightening and contouring effect to the skin while also helping to increase skins elasticity.
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